Rosa Quint opens on August 3 “Augusto 43°N/7° E” exhibition painting-drawing-objects

Rosa Quint’s artistic activities could be described as a “personal cartography”. The works shown in this exhibition refer to places which the artist has visited during her travels, places as diverse as the megacity of Bejing, an old house in Cetta, a train from Helsinki to St.Petersburg, the Atlantic coast of Uruguay, a bar in Tessaloniki. In these places she finds initial inspiration and begins to work with preliminary drawings or small collections of objects.

43°N/7°E are the geographic coordinates of yet another place: Rosa’s studio in Grattino, where these preparations came to a final realization in the works of this show.

Painting and drawing are mainly abstract, but there is also some sculptural work representing objects found in the kitchen of an abandoned house in Cetta. There is also painting on photographic backgrounds, such as on the photographs taken inside the same old house or the chaos of cables in the city of Bejing.

Rosa Quint studied painting and art education at the LMU-university of Munich where she also received her doctoral degree.

Since 1995 she takes part in shows and cultural exchange programs in Germany, Italy, England, Poland, Finland and Mexico. She received several prices and official support for her work. Rosa Quint is member of the German association of fine arts.  

She teaches art education at LMU and lives and works in Munich and Grattino.

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