Triora Lammas 2018


Triora Litha is followed by other festivities especially put together for Triora and based around an arcaic calendar.

Triora Lammas will take place on August 1st to celebrate Mother Earth and its precious gifts of wheat and bread.

Lammas is a time of abundance and completion, when all that one works hard for is finally reaped.

At the height of the ascending semi-circle, the Lammass is found diametrically opposite the Imbolc (February 2nd), which is the coldest and most difficult period of the year.

The generosity of old Mother Earth, the enjoyment of its gifts, the opportunity to feed and prosper are magically represented on the sunny and golden ear of wheat and its sacred products such as white flour and fragrant bread.

In the afternoon you will find an arts and crafts market with itinerant music shows until late at night with a thanksgiving ritual and frenetic wheat dances.

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