Triora for Children 2018

The third edition of Triora for Children will take place on Sunday 22nd of July. The event is the brainchild of Triora Promotion Group, organizers of Triora West.

During Triora for Children, much to the little ones’ amusement, witches will be spectators for once, handing the stage over to exhilarating magical performances.

Starting at 11 am with Teatro del Corvo (The Crow Theatre) performing ” The Dragon” whereby an excellent storyteller will recount the story of a dragon through the usage of coloured cloths thus transporting the audience into an enchanted world of magical fantasy.

The Teatro dei Mille Colori will perform ” I sogni son desideri” (Dreams are wishes), a new and entertaining comical magic show by Salvatore Stella a.k.a Mago Sasa’. He is able to involve and surprise everyone in a continuous series of gags and jokes connected to the world of the occult.

Marta and Blutonio (Stilts) of the new Teatro dei Mille Colori will perform a show on stilts to amaze you and entertain children of all ages.

Giant Bubbles..

our friend Kenzo Klown’s inflatables

and much more…

Follow our magical summer in Triora.


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