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Triora Bread

Known in the past as the granary of the Republic of Genoa, Triora only had one communal oven situated in Vico del Forno where bread was cooked once a week by each family. Today the Triora bread is made by just one bakery that produces it artisanally for the whole of Western Liguria and Lower Piedmont. The bread is made with Type I flour, bran, warm water, salt and left overnight to rise. The following morning more yeast and flour are added to the dough. Thereafter it is shaped and placed on a layer of bran and left to rest for a few more hours. Then the dough rounded and flat, in individual bread shapes, is cooked in a warm oven. After cooking each bread will attain a weight of approximately 850g. Once cooked the breads will exhibit a square incision on their crust. The bread can be served to accompany a wide range of dishes and it is best enjoyed when cut in slices and spread with Bruzzo cheese. It can be stored for a long time, nevertheless it is best consumed within a week of its production date.



Cheese owes its goodness to a few basic raw materials. Most important is the quality of its milk itself. This is  determined by the breed of the cow, the feed, the pasture areas as well as the manufacturing techniques and the method and length of its aging. There are many cow, goat and sheep herds in Triora which are among the highest located in Liguria resulting in a constant production of excellent raw materials due to the traditional manufacturing known as “raw” milk processing which produces excellent Toma cheese. The Brigascan Toma made from sheep milk has been awarded the Slow Food Presidium. Another famous product also well known outside the province is Bruzzo, a cow, goat or mixed milk ricotta, re-fermented a few times giving it a pungent taste, delicious on bread and tomato or in the preparation of main dishes.


Typical products

The sweets, in particular Cubaita or Turrun, are delicious and traditionally prepared during the Christmas holidays. They are made with hazelnuts, walnuts and almonds, cooked in mountain honey and enclosed within two wafers.

The mountain beans, the mushroom both dried and fresh, the preserves and jams.


Zafferano di Triora

Saffron cultivation in Triora goes back to ancient times: old village statutes dating back to the year 1300 include articles about its preservation. Passion and hard work allowed us to reintroduce this ancient crop on special soils with perfect altitude and exposure, producing Certified Superior Quality Saffron stigmas.