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Fishing in the Argentina Valley

Within this unspoiled landscape the pleasure of fishing is further enhanced by views of breathtaking landscapes and luxuriant flora and fauna. Roe deer, chamois, wild boars and even eagles can often be spotted in this area. For those interested in the flora there are many endemic flower species such as Fritillaria Involucrata, Ligurian Saxifrage, Eurasian Lily and the Military Orchid. The spring waters flow from Mount Saccarello which with its 2200m is the highest mountain in Liguria and they are considered Category A waters for their purity. The main living fish species is the Brown Trout, the uncontested queen of the river.


Fishing in the section “SPECIAL REGIME” requires a permit with which you gain access to the rivers in the Triora Municipality. Permit fees allow the maintenance, the cleaning of the paths and the replacement of old damaged signs. The permit can be bought from various accredited shops. As the river is considered of valuable importance from the trout fishing and fauna point of view, the F.I.P.S.A.S. regulations are in force for CATEGORY A in this area, as described in the fishing quota booklet. The permit can be bought from the Strega di Triora local produce shop in Corso Italia, 50, Triora.


The river and its waters, the existing local flora and fauna are precious assets which must be respected. Please, help us keep them intact.



Augusto Borelli

Fly fisherman and president of S.P.A.V. (Alta Valle Scrivia Fishermen Association