Il Poggio della Croce


The Poggio della Croce is the perfect place to sit, relax and enjoy the view on the valley and the village. 

Walking back to the village you will find a small church dedicated to the Madonna di Laghet. It was built by Luigi and Giulia Lanteri, close to their villa which is now abandoned. The church is just below the graveyard where their only child was buried after he died in Mauta, at the age of 19. The church was restored in 2000 by volunteers. Some ceramic tiles created by the local artist Diana Fontana were added: one shows the Holy Mary and another two depict San Giovanni Lantrua and Margherita Brassetti. Also Manuela Stella and Fabrizio Prevosto are remembered here, as they tragically died very young. 

Proceed towards the village and you will see the old oven, now moved to Corso Italia.